English Descriptive Essay Topics: 20 Great Writing Prompts

Descriptive essays are one of the easiest types of essays. It should not be too complex to decipher and the readers should be able to feel and understand how you are exactly feeling. It can be a description of anything and a descriptive essay makes the readers perceive the description in an illustrative way. So whatever you are describing, in your writing should be written in a way so that it explains everything in the way just as you imagine it.

Descriptive ones are something that readers generally love to go through, since they can see through the writer’s eyes. Thus if the topic is on a travel destination you can make you readers go through and feel the same experience as you have. Thus they would be able visit those places through your writing without being physically present there. Descriptive writings are in fact one of the most common these days and can be found in the form of news articles and magazines.

20 Descriptive Essay Prompts

There can be numerous and myriad of prompts on descriptive essays. Descriptive writing lets your readers connect with you through sharing your experiences and by establishing a link between what they read and their own imagination.

  1. A Dream
  2. A Rainy Day
  3. A Trip To The Mountains
  4. Strolling Around A Virgin Beach
  5. A Childhood Memory
  6. The Most Favorite Vacation
  7. A Photograph
  8. School Days
  9. Your Favorite Movie
  10. A Day In Your Life
  11. Your Pet
  12. Your Hero
  13. Your Favorite Teacher
  14. A Pleasant Sunny Morning
  15. A Fond Memory
  16. A Day At Work
  17. Your Colleagues At Work
  18. Different Type Of Friends
  19. You Best Birthday Ever
  20. 5 Things You Cannot Do Without

These 20 essay prompts are on the most common incidents in our lives which everyone would be able to relate with. People are may be different from one another but few emotions and experiences are similar. Essays that they can connect with intrigue them. A day in your life can be similar to a day in someone else’s life or maybe they can take inspiration from your writings as well. Descriptive writings are uses more flowery language, thorough detailing and a simple approach. These type of writings seek to capture the readers’ imagination in a way so that they can place themselves in your shoes and remain engrossed till the end.