List Of Great Common Essay Topics For Law College Students

It is generally easier to write an essay when you are given freedom over the topic. This means you can take the paper in your own direction and angle. Of course, within the criteria of the assignment. As a law students, there are countless topics you can choose from for your next research paper. Although it is better to have the power of choice for topics, sometimes it can get pretty overwhelming. There are so many options, and you just do not know which topic to choose. To make the search a bit easier on you, here are some common topics to adopt as you own.

  1. Freedom of Speech when it comes to journalists.
  2. Some people think that people, especially Journalists, are taking their right to freedom of speech a little too far by publishing outlandish, and generally false information in the media. For your paper, you can either argue why or why not a journalist should be restricted. Be sure to include specific case examples of your point.

  3. The Legal and Moral Implications of Legalizing Abortions
  4. Abortion is a very hot topic in many states and the U.S. as a whole. You could argue a factual and legally based argument in regards to abortion and whether it is legally or morally right of wrong. Try not to add too much of your own personal opinions to this.

  5. Environmental Law

  6. Capital Punishment
  7. Should criminals be sentenced to death for their crimes, or is there a better alternative to the issue.

  8. Whether or not the U.S should accept or deny Syrian Refugees

  9. Gun Control

  10. The Legalization of Marijuana (medicinal or recreational)

  11. Product Testing on Animals

  12. Doctor-Assisted Suicide
  13. Is doctor-assisted suicide legally or morally right and should it be condoned and accepted as a common practice?

  14. Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care)
  15. Pick a section of the act or the act as a whole and discuss whether it is a good idea or not and if it is not, then what should be added of removed from that section.

By no means do you have to choose one of these topics above. If anything, they should spark an idea for you to find the perfect topic that fits the assignment and your own views and writing style. And if for some reason these topics did not give you an insight, you should try this site to get the gears in your brain churning.