What To Write In Your Essay On The Effectiveness Of Prison

Writing essays on social issues can be both interesting and informative. It provides you a chance to have a better understanding of topics that affect the community and society at large. The state of penal institutions is something that has been debated back and forth for years. The effectiveness of prison’s as a whole have many issues which you can explore in an essay. Here are some that are particularly interesting.

  • The cost of prisons as compared to the overall benefit realized by society;
  • Violence happening on the prison yard. Is there any way to effectively prevent it?;
  • Psychological stress of prisoners brought on by prison gang activity;
  • Recidivism and how it can be reduced;
  • The condition of medical treatment provided to inmates;
  • The use of crystal meth and what impact it has on prison behavior;
  • Do prison sentences intentionally discriminate against minorities?;
  • The rising rate of incarceration and how it can be controlled;
  • Do new prisons need to be built or do existing ones need to be renovated?;
  • Should teenagers be incarcerated next to adult prisoners?;
  • The impact of prison on juvenile offender behavior.

These are all ideas that can be incorporated into an essay on the effectiveness of prison. The challenge that you have as a writer is how to make any or some of these ideas interesting. The composition cannot be just a statement of statistics. Your teacher is looking for facts, but also how effectively you can interpret the data and explain it. You may be defending one particular idea against another, and the argument has to be convincing. A fair amount of thought is going to be essential to getting a high grade of the essay.

This is a learning experience for you, however. You will get as much out of this assignment as you put into it and you may discover that the criminal justice system is an area of interest for you. It is not out of the ordinary for people to consider career paths based on a project done in school. The research that you do can also be used in writing other papers, as you add what you learned into the mix of words. These future benefits are aided. If you sit back a moment and think a little bit before you start writing about the penal system. However, should you try to rush through the assignment and get it done in a hurry, you will not gain the full benefit of the knowledge acquired. Take your time.