Cause And Effect Essay Topics About Music: 19 Fresh Ideas

Music is one of the ancient forms of art that has helped human civilization in so many ways. You can always write a good cause and effect essay on the various fields of music. In case you are wondering how, here is a list.

List of topics to work on:

  1. Cause and effect of music on new born babies.
  2. What makes a person listen to loud music and what are the harmful long term effects of it?
  3. The reason behind the rise in violent lyrics in new age songs? The effects of teenagers listening to these songs.
  4. The cause and effect of new pop musicians taking inspiration from the old jazz musicians.
  5. The reason behind the soaring popularity of Guitar and its effect on the musicians.
  6. The effect of one of the greatest musicians in the 90s and how this effect helped in transforming the musical scene?
  7. The reason behind dark and foreboding lyrics of Black Sabbath and its effect on the music scene at that time.
  8. The reason most people listen to music and its effect on the brain cells.
  9. The cause and effect of learning a new musical instrument by an enthusiastic person at a very old age.
  10. The reason why scientist use music as a part of their therapy and its effect on patients.
  11. The reason musicians of a genre dress in a particular style and how does it influence their creativity or the music they make?
  12. Why is music played at social functions and the effect of it on the people attending the event?
  13. The reason percussions are put into song and its effect on listeners?
  14. Why should a person not listen to music while doing something important? Does it help you to concentrate?
  15. Why is some music termed soothing and some disturbing? The effect of different types of music on humans.
  16. The reason why Pink Floyd is one of the greatest band of all time and their effect on the psychedelic rock genre.
  17. The effect of electronic instrument on music genres and how it has helped transform the quality of music.
  18. The effect of drums in a rock music band and how does it help the bands to connect better with their audience.
  19. Cause and effect of using music to make social awareness and community services.