How To Get An A+ On Your Comparative Essay About Julius Caesar

Writing a comparative essay on Julius Caesar will require some in depth research and knowledge about the play as well as the writer. Shakespeare has been one of the greatest play writers and his characters have a lot of significance. Julius Caesar is probably the most famous play by the bard. So when you are going to write a comparative paper on this play, you will have to do a lot of digging and find out all the facts and interpretations. Here are a few tips that will help you come up with a good paper.

Subjects to base your paper on

The most common topic chosen by students is the comparison between Julius Caesar and his friend Brutus. Although the conflict in characters is evident and makes for good writing, it is one topic you should steer clear of. It has been already done by countless students and there isn’t much you can write that the teacher doesn’t know already.

There are other minor characters that you can focus on, for instance a paper contrasting the character of Calpurnia and Portia the wives of Caesar and Brutus, can make for an excellent writing. There are subtle points in the play like the behavior or the two women under similar situation which will make up the points required. You can also write a comparison between Cassius and Anthony, two other significant characters from the play and the main reason why most of it took place.

Points to consider while writing:

  • Once you have decided on which characters or situations you wish to compare, you will have to start reading. Assuming you have read the play already, you must go through it again to understand the story line and read the roles of the people very carefully. If you are going to write about Brutus, pay attention to the character and see how the person goes through the motions of the play.
  • You can also watch the play; it has been enacted several times by several different actors. You must go through at least once to get a better grip of the play.
  • Once you know what you want to write, make a plan. This draft will have all the points you wish to include and arranged in the right order.
  • Once finished do all the editing and proofreading to get a flawless essay.