Creating An Effective Thesis Statement For An Informative Essay

Have you been set this type of assignment and now you’re pulling your hair out because you haven’t got a clue where to begin, or do you just need some assistance in polishing your work? Well either way, there is always help at hand, so let’s get started:

What is it then?

A thesis statement should be a short thing consisting of no more than a few sentences. It exists to inform the reader of what to expect from the forthcoming pages. It should interpret the significance of the topic to be discussed and act as an argument.

In this case, you are being asked to write one for an informative essay, so you firstly need to make sure you know exactly what that is!

Also sometimes called an expository essay, this type of assignment does not want your personal interpretation or opinion; rather you will evaluate a subject in a clear and concise way. They are simply based on facts alone.

Where to begin?

It is often best to write a rough outline for yourself first, so that you have your own set agendas for the topic you wish to present. Then, as is often the way with writing, if you’re suddenly taken in another direction, you can alter your work accordingly. Once you have finished the whole thing, have another look and ascertain that it presents the information you wish to present to the reader in a knowledgeable and tasty manner! You need to grab the reader’s attention, just like any good novel.

How to construct it.

You should outline the paper’s theme, argument and objective.

As an example, let us say that you are writing about Picasso’s famous anti-war painting Guernica and you are going to discuss its symbolism. You would firstly outline the theme just described.

In your argument, you would point out that there had been many different and contradictory views about the interpretation of Picasso’s chosen representations of certain significant animals, for instance.

The objective of your paper would be to see if any conclusions could be had about the aforementioned. Thus, a thesis statement on this topic may read something like this:

Picasso’s Guernica is the most famous anti-war painting in the world and it contains much symbolism which is often debated and contradicted by scholars. I will examine these differing interpretations from the time of its completion in 1937 to the present day, in the hope of establishing some possible conclusions as to the painting’s deeper meaning.