Coming Up With Persuasive Essay Topics On Popular Video Games

There are many boring persuasive essay topics that students have to write about. In some classes, teachers try to make things more interesting by making topics about video games. Although this can seem more exciting at first, finding a topic and researching it can be daunting. To get started, students can figure some of the following essay topics.

  • Should Violent Video Games Be Banned?
  • With this topic, students can discuss aspects like censorship and violence in video games. Many video games are not available for minors to purchase because of the content. Students can discuss if it is fair for someone other than their parents to censor a game. They may also want to discuss connections between violent video games and real life violence.

    Students can also argue from the opposing side. In this style of essay, the student would use research to show that violence in video games leads to real life violence. They may discuss the relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and violence. There is plenty of research available to argue against violent video games; the student just has to find it.

  • Should Students Play Video Games During the School Year?
  • Ideally, students should be focusing entirely on getting good grades and finishing their homework during the school year. Obviously, students also need to have time to relax, unwind and enjoy life. For an interesting topic on video games, students can cover the reasons why or why not video games should be avoided during the school year. They can even do customized research on their own video gaming habits. Over several weeks, the student can track their own video game use and show whether it is affecting their school work or not.

  • Health and Video Games
  • In Taiwan, there are regular deaths from video game players. They check in at an Internet cafe and play for days until their body cannot take it anymore. Students could use examples like this to show how video gaming can negatively affect someone's health. In addition, even casual gamers may be less healthy due to lack of physical activity.

    For a more positive take on physical health, students could write an essay about how video games can actually help. There are video games designed to help with PTSD, depression and other mental disorders. These games can be used as examples of how a video game can help human health if the right video game is chosen, and it is played in moderation.