How To Compose A Strong Descriptive Essay About Your Dream Town: Tips & Tricks

An essay is what we want to describe about certain thing or literature or culture. It is what we are actually made of, the imminent life and its descriptions. It forms the base of our language system and the ability to describe things in our life. Slowly with the advent of life the intricacies of the subjects go higher along with it the mode of execution of those things too.

There are many forms of write-ups, it might be a persuasive one, where the author is trying to persuade the reader about a certain point or it might be an expository one where the author is trying to describe or critically analyse a short poem or story but to be honest the best form of essay is a narrative one.

What is a descriptive essay?

As the name suggests it is a piece of writing where the author describes a certain incident or narrates on a particular story. It is done on a first person basis, no second person or third person basis is allowed in this format of writing. It is a free will of the author to write whatever he /she wants to portray. The page is a blank canvass for him and the pen is a paint brush, all you need to do is to sketch.

How to compose a descriptive essay on a dream town:

  • The topic has already been initiated as your dream town all you need to do is to execute your plans and come up with a great descriptive outcome. The topic is quite interesting. Here you can paint your imagination beyond any limit and describe the way you want to portray you dream town.
  • The points or the facts that you are going to provide in your work are to be noted down before you start. Supposes the houses, the lakes, the gardens etc. where and how you want to place them and on what context would you like to place them there you need to plan them all perfectly.
  • The outline of the entire plot should be pre-conceived. The only thing to be done is to execute it step by step as you have planned. For that you always need to have an outline before you begin.
  • The heading or the title of the work should be as catchy as it can get. You can make it creative as well as lucrative but the thing should ultimately define the topic.