Argumentative Essay Topics On Hamlet: 8 Brand New Ideas

Maybe one of Shakespeare’s most famous and longest plays, it has been performed by many famous actors and companies since its creation and continues to be performed even today. It is a tragedy, like most of his plays, involving the murder of king Hamlet by his brother, who then returns as a ghost and instructs his son, Hamlet, to avenge his death. The story goes on the show the events that happened after, including the widow of the former king being married to the murderer causing her son to shun her. The story ends with the death of all main characters and the crown being assumed by the long standing enemy of the kingdom, Prince Fortinbras.

Here are 10 argumentative essay topics on Hamlet:

  1. The entire plot to kill the king and marry his brother was constructed by the queen who had been secretly in love with him all this time and only married the elder brother to enable them to steal the crown eventually.
  2. Hamlet would have been better off had he not believed the ramblings of an old lady making claims of which she had no proof or reason.
  3. The character hamlet was not fit to lead since he was so easily deceived into killing a man whom he did not have any knowledge of and also because he was so easily led by two strangers.
  4. The concept of the story of Hamlet is an impossibility that could never occur in real life since the idea of fortune tellers is bound in lies and deception.
  5. The king’s brother had every right to kill him and assume the throne for himself since the law of survival of the fittest is the only true law in nature, every other law simply a result of whoever is the strongest at any one time.
  6. The queen only acted in self defense to protect herself and her unborn child by marrying the brother of the deceased king, had she not done this she and her child may have been murdered as well.
  7. The young prince showed ingratitude to his adopted parents since they went through the trouble of raising and caring for him as their own, only to have their son go on a suicidal journey because of a vision he received which he could not prove to be true or not.
  8. The oracle that instructed the young prince on his perilous mission was under instruction from Prince Fortinbras.