Ten Strong Titles For An Essay About Anti-Smoking Campaign

Many Anti smoking campaigns have been started after analyzing their gruesome after- effects on the people and their families. Their impact in the form of shocking health and rotten bodies has terrified everybody. These days these campaigns have taken a different approach where they appear more creative and lucrative. They are highly inspiring for everyone including the healthy and young generation who are usually attracted by the pomp and show of the world.

These advertisements offer the audience a glimpse of personal experience by which most of the people get influenced.

Check out 10 strong anti smoking essay campaign topics-

  1. Anti smoking advertisements do not sell any product, but what do they sell? What are the motives of carrying such campaigns on personal and social levels? How do they contribute towards the lifestyle of the society?
  2. How anti smoking campaigns have been successful in making people aware that the sticky brown substance in the cigarettes is a clear invitation to many disease like cancer, heart attack, asthma, allergies etc? Talk about its effect on a newly born baby and a pregnant lady?
  3. “Passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking” Discuss the topic revealing shocking facts and figures. Discuss mainstream and side stream smoke with its consequences? Also talk about the dreadful effects of various gases emitted through it like ammonia, acrolein, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide etc.
  4. How anti smoking campaigns have been successful in their endeavors in developing awareness regarding the demerits of smoking? Is the number of smokers increasing or decreasing? How these campaigns are dealing with these numbers?
  5. How anti campaigns affect the behavior and attitudes in various stages of childhood and adulthood? What are the factors that are liable to make children engage into such activities? What can be done to reduce this number and de-motivate the upcoming generation against smoking?
  6. What are the various types of anti campaign movements that run to develop awareness?
  7. Should schools, colleges, government and private organizations be compelled to participate in such movements at least twice in a year? Should participation of every individual in such campaigns be made mandatory?
  8. Should anti campaign movements be part of college programs only or can be part of school programs too?
  9. Talk about all possible life threatening diseases that can be due to smoking?
  10. Should anti smoking campaigns target children of middle schools too? Why?