Top 13 Topics For Writing A 3-Paragraph Essay

It looks simple but will require a lot of thinking and hard work. The following interesting topics are:

  • Simple and brief self-introduction. Let people know you better by giving at least ten very important facts about yourself.
  • The members of a family and their functions. Create simple organizational information and define what they do.
  • A favorite brother or sister. Take pride in describing one of your siblings and spread the story of his or her goodness.
  • A strict or stern teacher. If you respect and love your teacher, then you must not tell her directly what you don’t like about him/her. Express your feelings of anger and frustration by writing it into an essay. It is a healthy practice, my dear.
  • Your favorite subject in school. Give your teachers and your classmates the reasons why you like the subject and how you are planning more to improve your grades.
  • A cuddly pet. Young children do like pets. You can describe it by telling its name and followed by its physical features or looks. End it then with how you take care of it or why it always gives you happiness.
  • A part of Mother Nature. Children or even adults are fond of looking at the beautiful things that God created. Why not spread happiness when you see the early morning mist or be amazed by how the sun disappears from the horizon.
  • A tourist spot/attraction. You are not a tourism worker or a tour guide. But you can speak what’s on your mind when you see a rice field that resembles the stairs in your house or a lagoon where everybody can do rowing and boating on a hot sunny day.
  • An embarrassing moment in your life. No one is perfect, and no one is asking you to be. Every person has their share of ups and downs in their lives, and you are admitting that it was an honest mistake. After all, nobody is indispensable, isn’t it?
  • A special someone. When love is the topic of a conversation or a theme in a short story, almost everybody can relate or connect especially the younger generations today.
  • A hobby/skill or a pastime activity. Share it with others and spread the good news of reading a lot, repairing simple electrical connections or even playing chess with your friends.

Every person is gifted by God of an extraordinary intelligence. It is now time to share your part of the story. Don’t be a loner or a selfish, for you will not gain friends for life.