The Top 15 Best Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Argumentative essay is an academic paper in which you should persuade your readers about a particular idea by raising your arguments. To get a high score for your argumentative essay, you should choose a good topic first. If you can’t come up with a topic on your own, you may look at the list below.

  1. Experiments on animals for scientific and medical purposes.
  2. Take your side and discuss whether we should use animals for research or we shouldn’t.

  3. Punishment for murderers: death penalty or imprisonment?
  4. Choose your side and raise your arguments in support of your idea.

  5. Should men be able to marry several women?
  6. Discuss whether it’s necessary to allow men to take more than one wife.

  7. Is it good that many women use plastic surgery?
  8. Take your side and discuss in your essay whether it’s good to improve your appearance using plastic surgery or this will destroy such a concept as a natural beauty eventually?

  9. Should thieves get their hands cut off as a punishment?
  10. This is practiced in some Asian countries even nowadays. Do you think such a method is the only effective one?

  11. Can atheists and religious people live in peace?
  12. Raise your arguments if you think that it’s possible for these two groups not to conflict with each other.

  13. Is it necessary to use drugs to create a marvelous piece of art?
  14. It’s known that many artists and musicians used drugs when creating their masterpieces. Do you think it’s the only way?

  15. Should we eat meat or be vegetarians?
  16. Discuss whether it’s necessary to kill animals for food on the current level of civilization.

  17. Where do the most beautiful women leave?
  18. Choose the country that has the prettiest girls in your opinion. Support your idea with arguments.

  19. Is it true that blondes aren’t very clever?
  20. Discuss in your essay whether the color of the hair may influence the level of intelligence. Find good evidence for your arguments.

  21. Should gay marriages be allowed?
  22. Express your opinion on this matter and support your idea with strong arguments.

  23. Is it good to be a skeptic?
  24. Discuss whether you should be skeptical towards anyone and anything or it may ruin your relations with others?

  25. Does the school uniform destroy individuality?
  26. Raise your arguments to support or object this question.

  27. Should people be honest with anyone?
  28. Discuss whether it’s good to lie sometimes.

  29. Is it right to teach children religion?
  30. Discuss whether children should grow up before choosing their religion or ideology.