19 Fresh Essay Prompts On The Odyssey For Students Looking To Get An A+

The Odyssey, one of two Greek poems related to Homer, is regarded as the second oldest work of western culture, composed around the end of the 8th century, near the Greek coastal area of Anatolia. The poem tells the story of the ten year journey home of Odysseus, after the fall of Troy, only to return home to find that his people believed that he was dead.

The tale makes for very interesting discussions and many scholars debate on the meanings of different aspect of the story. When composing an essay, authors must be careful when selecting a title, poor title selection could easily mean failure. The following is a short list of interesting essay prompt on The odyssey for students hoping to get an A+:

  1. What kind of woman was Penelope to be willing to entertain the thought of marrying any man strong enough to string Odysseus’ bow?
  2. How has Odysseus journey impacted on modern English etymology?
  3. Why was the Trojan horse so profound a metaphor for people in that time and those that would follow?
  4. What evidence is there that a historical Odysseus existed?
  5. How was Penelope a victim of the patriarchy within which she was raised?
  6. What role do the gods of Greece play in The Odyssey?
  7. Is there evidence that Homer was alluding to extraterrestrial beings influencing Odysseus and his crew?
  8. How is Telemachus life affected by learning that his father still lives?
  9. How is the story of the Lotus Eaters a parallel for ‘going native’ during participant observation?
  10. Is Odysseus’ treatment of Polyphemus justified or more representative of the lack of respect for people with facial deformities?
  11. Why was Odysseus insistent that he would hear the Sirens’ song and live to tell the tale?
  12. What profound aspect of Odysseus’ tale moves the Phaiakians to help him resume his journey?
  13. Why weren’t Penelope’s suitors pardoned?
  14. How did Odysseus survive Poseidon’s wrath?
  15. How do Clytemnestra and Aigisthos’ deaths influence Telemachus?
  16. Why does Athene ask Zeus to intervene with the situation on Calypso?
  17. Would Penelope’s suitors have killed Telemachus?
  18. Do the people of Ithaca respect Penelope?
  19. What would have happened if Odysseus really were dead all along?

Consider the above topics as a starting point and tailor them to your needs.