Nineteen Argumentative Essay Topics For 7th Grade Students

An argumentative essay is an interesting academic task students need to achieve during their lives. They need to perform well in these papers to be able to score higher grades and impress their teachers. Some students have higher expectations from their parents and peers so they have the stress of writing their paper in no time. Unlike ordinary academic essays, this style requires the students to choose a valid topic and develop a strong stance. They need to convince their readers of their ideas and stance by using strong logical arguments, authenticated data and concrete examples.

The topic of an argumentative essay

The topic for your argumentative paper needs to be valid and arguable. It should complement the scope of your paper rather than conflicting with it. If you choose a general statement of fact for such an assignment, then you will have no or very little space for arguments and disagreement. You need to choose a topic, which the readers may agree or disagree to. This allows flexibility in writing the paper and developing a persuasive assignment. Students should not choose to write upon a subject that they are subjective about. The readers will only rely on your paper and agree to your ideas if you are objective in your approach.

If you are having a hard time choosing a valid topic for your paper, then you should consider the following samples

  1. Men are stronger than women
  2. Men argue more than women
  3. Women are emotionally moved more than men
  4. Girls have a thing for shopping
  5. It is men who usually prefer having a divorce
  6. It is women who usually prefer having a divorce
  7. Boys tend to avoid breakups
  8. Girls tend to avoid breakups
  9. Intelligent people are rarely hardworking
  10. Hardworking people are rarely intelligent
  11. Long distance relationships are hard to tackle as compared to convenience based relationships
  12. Love should be the only and main deciding factor while choosing your life partner
  13. Finance should be the only and main deciding factor in choosing your spouse
  14. Teenage marriages are less successful because individuals are not mature
  15. Love and sex are entirely separate and two different things altogether
  16. Being a freelancer is better than having a regular job because you work for yourself
  17. Having a regular job is better than freelancing
  18. Drugs are bad
  19. Alcohols are bad