A List Of The Best High School Essay Topics To Choose From

Sitting down to write an essay is not just what is needed for you to make good grades, what is needed is you writing high quality essays. One sure way of getting closer to submitting high quality papers is making a choice of a good and interesting topic. When this part of the work is done, it makes the writing part of it easier. This is mainly because you are enjoying the chosen topic and you know what they say about doing what you love – even when it is tough, it seems easier to do. The same thing applies to writing your essays. Listed below are some of the best essay topics to help you out in writing your paper. They are:

  • Is it proper to keep animals in the zoos?
  • Is the use of certain animals in carrying out scientific researches acceptable?
  • What is the right age to start dating?
  • What would the world be like without rules and regulations?
  • What age is right for children to own cell phones?
  • At what age can children be assigned chores at home?
  • Endangered animals – Going a step further in protecting them
  • How justifiable is America’s invasion of Iran?
  • Gay marriage and its impact on our society
  • The advantages of investing in special schools for the handicapped
  • Juvenile offenders and stricter punishments
  • Curbing the menace of drug abuse in high schools
  • Should women be permitted to engage in warfront combat?
  • When is the appropriate time to air adult advertisements and why?
  • The advantages of plastic recycling
  • The urgent need to strictly censor certain advertisements
  • The several negative impacts of teen pregnancy
  • The advantages and disadvantages of capital punishment
  • When should abortion be an option?
  • Combating the menace of discrimination against people living with AIDS.
  • Should the development of nuclear weapons be encouraged?
  • Reasons why you should stay away from body piercing
  • What are the major causes of eating disorders?
  • Curbing the menace of terrorism.
  • The impact of Roman Catholic sex abuse issues on the church
  • Way to protect yourself from sexual abuse
  • When is the right time for sex education?

These are just a few of the best high school essay topics that you can choose from. You can also get topic ideas from the things that interest you, especially within your society. Is there any issue that you feel it is not being addressed as it should? You can write an essay based on the same issue.