List Of Great Historical Cause And Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect essay are the most vividly used essay in this world when you are trying to discuss some potentials and ill effects of a certain thing. As the name suggests the causes describe about the reasons why the topic takes place whereas the effects discusses about the outcomes of the thing.

The cause and effect might seem to be quite easy but you need to do a lot of research work on the subject. Usually this kind of essay is taught in the school level and in the introductory classes of college. The causes are to be discussed in details and the effects are to be provided with enough facts and data to support them.

Rules to be followed in cause and effect and essay

  • Outlines: Make a proper outline of the work that is needed to be done one after the other. A well planned work is always executed in great manner and within a stipulated time. You will have a schedule to follow and you will find it easy to complete the tasks one after another.
  • Differentiation: The causes and the effects shall be discriminated in a proper way. First write down all the possible causes of the topic in a place and later go for the effects that are taking place due to it. The causes will answer your question of “why it happened” and the effects will answer the questions of “what happened due to it”.
  • Procedure: Firstly make a rough draft of the entire work. You might need to change many things like grammatical mistakes and you might need to add more facts which you have missed out while writing it. After that make a fair draft and submit.

For historical topics the main thing will be an extensive research. You need to hover through the internet and collect lots of data and dates of the incidents along with quotes from books to support your facts. History means his-story, so you need to be quite efficient to portray the story of time when maybe you were not born, added to that you have to decipher the causes and effects of the incidents.

Selected historical topics

  1. The journey of Columbus and the effects that fell on the world due to that.
  2. The world wars and its effect on civilization.
  3. The most historic assassination of the John Kennedy.
  4. The destruction of world trade centre and the rising hatred towards Muslims after that.