A List Of Twelve Unusual Essay Topics About Current Events

Writing an essay on current affairs is always challenging. If you are not a news junkie, you might find it bit of a problem to frame an essay. More importantly, you may not find the perfect topic to write on. What should you do if you cannot find a suitable topic to write your paper on? Well, here is a list of twelve unusual topics from which you may choose one.

  1. Recent polls have shown that most Americans think that the biggest problem in the country is high unemployment? Do real facts and figures support their opinion?
  2. Do parents need to be held responsible for the social media posts of their children?
  3. Should big companies need to engage in corporate social responsibility projects, including environment-friendly ventures?
  4. Does the college electoral system still hold relevance?
  5. Are the zoos and sanctuaries important for conservation of wildlife?
  6. What are the most eco-friendly ways of producing electricity?
  7. Is it the government’s responsibility to provide low-premium health insurance to all and sundry?
  8. Does the current drinking age in most states need any change?
  9. Is it right for the general citizens to access information on the private lives and whereabouts of politicians?
  10. Is water rationing important during droughts?
  11. Should the military draft be reinstated?
  12. Are the current measures to prevent campus bullying enough?

Search topics by yourself

Though the above list might give you a fair idea of how and what topics should be chosen for writing a current affairs paper, you need to understand that the internet is brimming with hundreds of news articles and you need to keep yourself updated. You may subscribe to the online editions of top newspapers to get your daily dose of news feed. Whatever you do, it is important for you to stay abreast of the changes in the political, healthcare, science and other fields. In other words, you may get topics aplenty if you just use the web to your advantage.

However, you need to watch your grammar and spelling while writing a paper. More importantly, you need to understand that using correct facts and figures is also highly important for writing a good paper on any current topic. Therefore, research is imperative and you should try all means to find as much information as you can. Pay a couple of visits to the library and read newspapers and visit news portals almost every day to write a killer paper.