Interesting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Pixar And Dreamworks

As two of the largest animation companies in the world, Pixar and Dreamworks have accounted for some of the most beloved family films developed over the last 40 years. Though we all think we know them there is still much to explore when it comes to these two powerhouses. Here are some interesting compare and contrast essay topics worth consideration:

  1. Compare and contrast the ways each company has marketed towards specific age groups with films catering to both adults and children. Who has been more successful in generating revenue?
  2. How has each company differed in the way they develop and maintain franchise titles with sequels coming out every few years? Are the different approaches done intentionally or has one experienced more success than the other?
  3. Compare and contrast the ways each company has portrayed character archetypes and how these roles have changed in accordance to societal changes. Which company is poised to find similar success moving forward in the next couple of years?
  4. Compare and contrast the ways in which each company has expanded its global brand by incorporating other successful or up and coming movie studios? Think about the titles now making a part of the portfolio.
  5. How have each of the companies faired with developments in technology and in hiring the talented personnel to stay on top of the latest tools? Do you think any one company is poised for continued success in this area?
  6. Compare and contrast each company’s corporate structure and how each has positioned itself to
  7. expand into other industries or markets. For instance, look into the toy and apparel industries for children.
  8. Compare and contrast the way each company has been viewed by the public and how this is a valuable indication of whether or not each company could expect continued success in the next few decades.
  9. How has each company’s connection and relationship with current actors and actresses help to attract audiences through the use of these familiar faces a means to market the films in which they starred in?
  10. Compare and contrast the organizational business structures of each company. In what ways have they mirrored one another or been different from one another? Which company is positioned to attract the best and brightest minds going into the next decade?
  11. How different are the two companies in addressing social issues that Americans can relate to? Do you think this represents a conscious effort in each of the companies’ approach towards the ideas they use in stories?