Creating A Top-Grade Essay On The Importance Of Good Communication In Nursing

Nursing is a very tiresome and demanding job that is often not played very well, in many countries of the world. Nurses often spend years in school, that they have to go through obligatory training and after many years, they can start working. Nurse has to be a professional, a kind person, but also it is very important to develop good communication skills, when you are in position to help and care for the people in need.

  • Explain what means to be a nurse
  • First, your reader has to know what it means to be a nurse. That doesn’t mean to write definitions, or go into too many details what school you have to finish becoming a nurse. It is better just to write some examples of how a day of a nurse looks like. How many people she helps, what she has to know, how many hours her shift lasts etc. This way someone will understand how many sacrifices one has to make to become a nurse. It is also important to underline how much stress a nurse is under, and what happens when she makes a mistake.

  • Explain what communication means and why is it important
  • Once your reader has understood all the things that a nurse has to do, he will easily understand why communication is crucial. List the entire good thing that can happen if there is good communication in nursing, but also list all the bad things that can happen if it’s lacking. It is easier to understand such problems if you have a good example. Find examples form book, online, or you can even maybe remember a situation that you witnessed.

  • Conclusion
  • Once you have explained the importance of a nursing job, you have to make sure that your reader understands how it is indivisible from communication. Make sure to make a strong point at the end with strong examples of how you thing communication helps nurses do their job better. Remember, the conclusion has to digest once more all the relevant data that you mentioned in your essay, so that the reader has the whole picture of the issue after reading your essay. Don’t leave any open questions, and try to be constructive about the future of nursing and the importance of communication, as a vital part of that profession.