Writing A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On A Politician's Speech

Politicians can sometimes say some confusing things and often analysis of their speech can prove quite confusing or, in most cases, amusing. The purpose of the rhetorical analysis essay is to identify and critique the words or texts of an author or speaker, giving your conclusion and reasons based on their conduct. In this case, you will be required to analyze data dealing with real world issues and you should be fine if you follow the following steps:

  1. Identify the attitude, mood and conduct of the politician through his choice of words.
  2. The words a speaker uses, especially if it is someone who wrote their own speech, can be used to further understand the speaker. Their emotional connection to the topics being discussed, the personal beliefs they may have and the people they are trying to convince are all there to note.

  3. Identify their topic of discussion and state the facts relating to them.
  4. Sifting through the sentences that politicians say can provide enough data to understand the ideals they speak of and further, or completely expand on the points they make.

  5. Clearly state what the politician proposes in their speech.
  6. Take a section of the speech the politician used and hone in on the actual solid ideas he or she said or is trying to say. It is a good idea to make clear any or all the sections in the speech for your paper.

  7. Analyze the feasibility as well as the authenticity of their words.
  8. Explain how the ideas presented by the politician would affect the rest of the nation or country and show how the general public would like it. You can also discuss the tangibility and practicality of implementing any of the ideas or activities spoken by the politician.

  9. Identify the style of presentation chosen by the speaker.
  10. Associate the type of persuasive language that the politician used to relay information and promises and good legislation to the people listening. This can add considerable amounts of information to your paper.

  11. State whether it was effective or not.
  12. Asses the speech and express the uniqueness and power of the words the politician used to convey his message. Mention the effectiveness of the ideas being proposed.

  13. State your conclusion based on your analysis.
  14. As a student one can share ones’ opinions when called for and these papers are no exception. Establish your conclusion well.