A List Of Interesting Rhetorical Essay Topic Ideas For College

Writing a rhetorical essay includes provide informative details related to personal thoughts on a subject matter. Selecting a good topic for an essay of this nature can make a difference in how you complete your assignment. Many students who learn about rhetorical essay writing assignments have little experience in producing such work. This is where an example of a rhetorical essay can help you understand topic options and how to write your paper.

Understanding Elements of a Rhetorical Essay

With rhetorical writing, also known as a rhetorical analysis, you work to further explore content created by another person or an event that has a significant effect on personal perceptions. Few students find this type of writing somewhat challenging since guidelines may require more details from your topic. This is why it is important to have a good idea selected to make writing your paper easier. Your paper may mention details about how you can relate to the context and how it is relevant to current times.

When Great Essay Samples Help You Come Up with Ideas

As you think about potential ideas for your paper you may wonder what to consider. What are urgent issues currently affecting people and what are stories happening in the media? Think about something written such as literary work or a significant event you want to explore further in detail. What you know already about the situation helps in making an outline.

10 Writing Prompts to Help Develop Your Own Rhetorical Essay Topic

There are plenty of ideas to consider when developing your own list of rhetorical ideas. The good news is a list can help you understand what direction to take your topic and consider genres of interest. Here are 10 prompts to help you get started in the creative thinking process of your topic selection.

  1. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech.
  2. Resignation speech of Richard Nixon.
  3. Youth should not be allowed to smoke cigarettes.
  4. Hamel play written by Shakespeare.
  5. Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  6. The first Harry Potter book written by J.K. Rolling.
  7. Essential need for school uniforms and dress policy.
  8. When freedom of speech is violated by use of inappropriate or offensive comments.
  9. A poem written by Rita Dove.
  10. A work of literature (book) related to your field of study.