A Great Method To Compose An Argumentative Essay In Economics

Sometimes we learn the gentle art of persuasion by writing an argumentative essay. It is not necessarily an angry rant. Instead, it is a means by which logic and reason is used to change a person’s mind for the better. Economics is a subject where there is a lot of disputation. If you follow a given method you can write a very good position paper on an economic subject.

  1. Pick A Good Topic. A suggestion would be to pick a subject you are comfortable with and you have some prior knowledge about. This is going to help you as far as structuring your arguments. It also helps you with the research.
  2. Understand Your Audience. If you are dealing with a reader or group of readers who are diametrically opposed to your position, you’ll have to be much more diplomatic in your language. You also might have to do more explaining for those not familiar at all with your subject.
  3. Focus Your Argument on Just A Few Points. It should be no more than three because the more arguments you put into the essay, the more difficult it is going to be for you to write. Select those points you are most comfortable with and what you have the best knowledge about.
  4. Use Relevant Examples and Sources. A good strategy is to cite the opinion of experts wherever possible.
  5. Know the Other Sides Arguments. You do not need to be too confrontational. Find out what the other side believes in determining if there are any points in common. Incorporated common points will make accepting your argument much easier.
  6. Debate Your Arguments. In argumentative essay you need to show reason and logic. This means looking at your position for weaknesses and strengths.
  7. Structure Your Essay. You can do a point/counterpoint, discuss both sides of the argument first, and position your arguments where you would like them to be. You may want to think about having your strongest argument closer to the conclusion, but the positioning is up to you.

Writing the essay gives you an opportunity to gain more insight into the position that you hold. It can happen that firm opinions you possess may be modified a little bit in the course of the composition. You also may find strong points you didn’t know existed before. This is a composition that should not be written in anger; logic and reasoning will be the word guides leading you to a higher grade.