Unique Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Technology

We are now living in a digital age, and almost all gadgets, and gizmos are everywhere. People use it in many ways. It could be for work, for recreation or fun. Let us now join a ride while we go back to the past and fast forward to the present time in order for us to show what’s in and what’s out.

  • The convenience, portability and the high definition technology of flat screen digital televisions as compared to the inferior analog versions before.
  • The performance of DLSR digital cameras versus the conventional film cameras.
  • A comparative study on the satisfaction of movie goers is experiencing three-dimensional screens (3D) as to the traditional film-feed projectors.
  • A research is combining the qualities of the old telephone to that of the keypad ready cellular phone and touch screen smartphones.
  • The fun and experience brought about by portable handheld games as compared to the ones using joystick.
  • The comfort and ambiance of manually operated air conditioners as to the remote controlled and touchpad units.
  • The hassle-free automatic refrigerators as contrasted to the visible back Freon units.
  • The capacity and capability of the one touch washing machines against the conventional dry spin washing machines.
  • The safety and convenience of fire-free stoves versus the nichrome wire units.
  • The fun and excitement of the E-book reader against conventional phones and tablets.
  • The weight and performance of hollow-tech driven bicycles as compared to the units with ball bearings and caps.
  • The fast and reliable email against the traditional letter writing.
  • The computerized giving of priority numbers to clients of an agency as compared to the old ways of the laminated paper numbering.
  • The honesty driven biometric attendance against the Bundy clock or recording scheme.
  • The helpful iris scan door access as contrasted with swipe cards and passwords.
  • The helpful typewriter versus desktop and laptop computer units.
  • Communication brought about by video calls as to the usual way of voice call and long distance calls.
  • Bookkeeping and document storage problems using file folders and cabinets as being connected to the USB or flash disc drives.
  • The owner’s comfort ride in a voice-operated car as to the usual manual or automatic vehicles. Sharing information by infrared compared to Bluetooth reliability.

We cannot turn back time. We should not be against change but go for it. As they say, the only permanent thing in this world is change. Enjoy the changes in our lives and wear a smile every day.