What Is The Correct Format For A Critical Analysis Essay

When you write a critical analysis essay there are two objectives you must keep in mind. The first one is explaining the writer’s point of view and the second one is explaining your point of view in reflection to the work you are writing. Needless to say a critical analysis essay has to be based on some sort of book, movie, script, plot, research paper etc.

Now to write any kind of paper you need to know of its format. You can easily get formats and other guidelines by searching for it. There are tons of web pages that have free samples of critical analysis essays. You can go through the pages and find the correct format. But it is not as easy as it sound. Since there are many web pages it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the number of samples. Here are some tips to help you find the right format.

How to identify the correct format of a critical analysis essay:

  • The format should identify the author or creator’s original thesis statement. There should be a large portion of the sample dedicated to the explanation and analysis of the original work’s statement or hypothesis depending on the type of work you are writing about.
  • It should have clear definition of what the author is trying to establish. Even if the piece is quite controversial you should be able to decode a simple explanation of the author’s message. You can leave the inner meanings and interpretations as they may or may not be what the author intended.
  • Now the format should include an explanation of the main ideas and how it has influenced you. In this section you may also describe the importance of the work and why you have chosen to write on it.
  • The next part should have the explanation of your own point of view. You have to describe the book or movie using your own words. You can give details about the work and then come up with summery of the entire piece. But the ideas that you interpret should be your own and not from some critic.
  • You will have to depict how the author appeals to the reader or watcher’s imagination and what is the specialty of the approach.

Your essay should allow the reader to see the work in new light and find out new aspects about it.