Creating A Strong Critical Analysis Essay On Wuthering Heights

A strong critical analysis essay on Wuthering Heights can be completed based on what you liked or disliked about the literature. You can write your paper from different aspects such as setting, plot, character development, emotions experienced while reading, and so on. A strong paper needs to reflect what you took from the literature or what you think the author wanted readers to take from the content. Here are points to think about to help you understand how to develop a strong analysis paper.

  • Read Content Thoroughly and Reread if Necessary while Taking Good Notes
  • When you have time to thoroughly read the content you can do this the first time to really absorb the content. You can read it again a second time and start taking notes for your essay. This time you can write down things that leave an impression or impact on your feelings. Reading the content a second time may open up thoughts and perceptions you didn’t see the first time around. Notes to take can be anything you think is significant such as character actions, plot, feelings expressed, and so on.

  • Develop an Outline Using Notes You Wrote and Basic Details You Remember Reading
  • Your essay outline will be based on what you read and important points your paper will elaborate. The outline should include multiple sections that will make up your introduction, body and conclusion. Notes you took during the writing process will filter through your outline. This gives you structure and organization your essay needs. This information will not be perfect yet but you will work to make it better later. Right now just focus on placing notes in appropriate areas of your outline.

  • Find a Main Idea or Thesis Statement that Will Allow for a Strong Analysis Essay
  • What is the main idea or claim you want to discuss in your essay about Wuthering Heights? This should be strong and well defined. Your notes taken should help you provide necessary proof for your claim or main idea. After reading through the story you may have questions or thoughts about what happened. These aspects can help to develop a thesis statement. If your statement is strong you will have no problems developing the rest of your essay content. You can find sample papers on similar content to give further insight on content you can develop on your own.