Writing An Outline For A Narrative Essay: Basic Tutorial

A narrative essay should be fun to create because you have a lot of room to express yourself in this kind of writing. However, this can also become an issue, because when you have too much freedom, you may forget how important organization is. In order to avoid this mistake, you should develop an outline for the paper. There are two types of outlines you can choose from when you are making a plan for your narrative essay:

  1. Sentence outline.
  2. This one will consist of full sentences that will become topic sentences of every paragraph when you start with the actual writing process.

  3. Thesis outline.
  4. This plan will consist of thesis words and phrases that express the key points to your ideas. It will take you longer to create an essay from a plan like this, because you will need to develop topic sentences from these words first. However, this type of plan is usually easier to create, because it’s more intuitive.

There is no real difference between these types of outlines from an academic point of view, so you should choose the one you feel most comfortable with. It may be helpful to look up some examples of both and study them carefully. This will help you understand which kind should work better for you.

Writing any kind of academic paper involves some research, and you need the plan of the essay in order to guide your search for suitable information. However, you also need to know quite a bit about the topic in order to create a worthy plan. This can be problematic and often makes people develop two plans. The initial one is merely a loose guide, and the other one is the actual structure of your work.

Luckily, you won’t need to do this with a narrative paper, because those are usually linked to your personal experiences. Therefore, you know the topic well enough to know what exactly to look for during the research stage.

Remember that an outline isn’t set in stone. Even if your teacher requested to see it, you may change some of the points when you start writing. Very often you will get more ideas when you do this, so keep your mind open.

Don’t forget to adjust every point of the plan so that the changes you make can blend in and make your paper stronger.

Note that you should create a plan even if your teacher doesn’t ask for it. This will make the process of writing much easier on you.