Composing An Outstanding Valencia FC Essay: Vital Advice

Some tips on how to win the hearts of Valencia fans with your writing

“Valencianista para siempre siempre siempre” may not mean much to the average person, or to a non-fan of the Valencia FC. However, if you are a true Valencia FC fan reading this article, you will know exactly what this means. But that’s not what sports writing is entirely about, now, is it?

A good sports writer will need to reach not only the particular fans, but also a broad audience. This is achievable through a broad knowledge, good and insightful presentation skills, and a reachability of the written word.

The following are some points that may enable you in composing an outstanding Valencia FC essays:

Create a compelling and catchy title, and opening

Sports journalism is -- of course meant to be objective – it is after all journalism --, meant to bring out a flair within in just like the sports themselves do. People do like to know who won, or who lost, and people do like to know how the entire match went by (in case they missed it of course). Elche defeat Valencia 4-0 is a somewhat mundane title. Elche crush Valencia in a shameful manner in a 4-0 victory, however, really brings out the color of the disappointment that the match was.

Really discover the true story

If Elche defeated Valencia, don’t just tell that; find out the reason why that happened the way that it happened. Was it too hot for the Valencia First that day? Were the players overwrought? Were Elche doping (just saying, not that they actually were)? People would want to know the why and how of the equation. Your job is to discover facts and underlying incidences and bring them to the public. So, be thorough and insightful. This is, naturally, not a piece of cake.

People are tired of clichés, don’t make them want to thrash your for your bromides

Valencia blitzed but failed, Elche crushed Valencia, Parejo was off his game… these are very over used sentence structures that will irritate your readers. If Parejo was off his game, don’t just say that, find out why and present it in a good and reasonable manner. Clichés will make your readers want to head-butt you to the ground – not kidding.

It’s a number’s game

Statistically speaking… Now that sounds more like it. Sports enthusiasts simply adore statistics and numbers, especially when it comes to arguing to prove a point. They will thank you and want to kiss you if a set of statistics presented to them by you enables them to win an argument during a heated discussion over the water cooler post game day.