Where To Look For A Good Template For A Compare And Contrast Essay

Before you look for a template of a compare and contrast essay, it is a good idea to find out what exactly you are looking for. We will first give you a small introduction of what this type of essay is and then let you know of all the secret places where you can find a template for it.

A compare and contrast paper is one in which you take two things and then talk about how they are similar and how they are different. These two things can be anything, from objects to persons to events or phenomena. For example, you can compare and contrast two great boxers in Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

The structure of a compare and contrast paper is as follows:

  • You first have an introduction that serves to introduce your subjects, provide focus on the subject area and then provide a thesis statement.
  • In the body of the essay, you provide aspects (similarities or differences), one by one in separate paragraphs for your two subjects.
  • In your conclusion you summarize what you have written so far and provide an evaluation.

Look, we have just provided you with a template for a compare and contrast essay! Did you realize that before we told you?

If you are looking for a more formal template or just for confirmation of what we have shown you, let’s explore where we can find a great template for a compare and contrast essay.

Online is the best place you can look for templates. Use a good search engine and search for “template + compare and contrast essay” and you will find plenty of great examples. Make sure you use only credible and trustworthy sources.

If your school is asking you to write a paper, it is a certainty that they will show you how with examples. Look at your school website and you will more than likely find a template in the study resources section. You can also look at websites of other schools or universities and find great examples.

Libraries may have fallen out of favor with students in today’s digital world but they are still great resources for academia. Most libraries have sections with books on essay writing in which you can find all sorts of templates. Give the guide books a try. You can also look for work of previous students to get a great idea of how to write your outstanding piece.