A List Of The Most Impressive Expository Essay Topics For College

Writing an essay for college is not only an opportunity to learn, but it is also an opportunity to impress. All too often, college students just write essays to get the assignment finished. What they fail to recognize is that their college professors can become potential references when it comes time to apply for jobs near graduation. When you want to impress your instructors, do quality work, which means you should choose impressive essay topics.

What an Expository Essay Needs

Expository writing is all about explaining a hypothesis or thesis statement. In order to do this, you need to have sufficient evidence from quality sources. The body of the paper needs to expand the topic and then argue it thoroughly. Expository essays can be written for any type of class, from literature and language courses to science and math, too. Here are a few topic ideas to help you get started:

  1. How does the health of the general public affect the productivity of our country?
  2. What were some of the causes, both direct and indirect, of major wars around the world?
  3. What will happen to coastal cities with global warming and climate change?
  4. What makes a brand a favorite?
  5. How has communication changed in the last few decades?
  6. Analyze a song, story, poem, or other short piece of literature. Explain the important features and how they affect the reader.
  7. How do you define diversity in school or at work?
  8. How does apathy about voting affect the outcome of major elections?
  9. How do people decide when it is time to upgrade their technology?
  10. What public health issues need more attention?

Pick an Appropriate Topic

The topic you choose should be chosen specifically for your course. For example, you do not want to write about literature in an essay for a technology class (unless, of course, the literature is about technology). The topic should ask the question how or what so you have something to analyze and explain - which is the purpose of the expository prompt.

Stay Highly Focused

As you answer the prompt, make sure that you stay tight to the topic. To impress your instructor with the writing, not just the topic, you should not stray from it. Too many students add unnecessary information in their essays and those students end up losing points and earning lower grades.