List Of 10 Good Essay Topics On American Literature For College Students

Literary works that were produced in the United States as well as its previous colonies is what is referred to as American literature. Since there are so m any different kinds of fiction writers, a number of essays can be written about this works. Maybe it’s the era. History played a major role and influenced many of the writers. Some of these issues have been employed in their literary works. If you would like to write an essay topic on American literature here are some 10 good essay topics that you could choose from.

  1. What is the meaning of “post national” American Literary studies for the 21st century? Do you think that American literature study should only be limited to the United States? What is the importance of postnational American Literary studies? Base this on two literary texts.
  2. Describe how any of the100-year periods of American literary History was defined in terms of historical phases, eras, or movements. What do you think should be considered when organizing the literature of your century? To justify this new way of periodizing, use at least 3 literary texts.
  3. Do you think American Literature does portray knowledge, truth and identity? Elaborate on the subject of sexuality and desire. Pick any three texts to explain the impact of sexual themes, stories and identities on other language and relations.
  4. What is the history of political violence in American fiction? There are some writers who have tried to write fantasies about the assassinations of American presidents. Write about some of the critics that have touched on the theme of violence in American fiction of this century.
  5. Using two texts, describe the representation of immigrant women.
  6. Is there a difference in the way American poetry is viewed as compared to the other genres off American Literature? Does African American literature cover things to do with social-cultural racial individual particularity?
  7. Basing your essay on two works of American literature (19th century and 20th century) discuss the use of racially mixed figures.
  8. How did American History influence African-American Poetry?
  9. Write an essay that discusses Benedict Anderson’s idea of “imagined communities” pick the works of about three American authors and describe how they bring up this issue of “imagined community”
  10. Write about the patterns of connection and influence. Are there some which are related to each other?