Choosing Good Essay Topics On Culture For 9th Graders

One of the most common evaluation tools that 9th graders will face in school is the essay. It is common because it forces the student to look deeper into the various concepts and ideas that are associated with culture. They will need to conduct extensive research to choose just the right topic for their essay. When it comes to choosing good essay topics, there are some methods to try that will help you find just the one that will help you write a good essay.

  • Current Events
  • One of the best ways to find a topic on culture is to check out the current events. There are so many things that happen daily that affect our culture and the cultures of others. You can use other keywords to help you find information on the topic as well. These include beliefs, values, traditions, morals, customs, and way of life. You can get an idea of what to write about regarding this by going to the website of your local newspaper and searching one of these terms.

  • Choose a region to study
  • Pick one of the most interesting regions in the World and study their culture. You want to make sure that it is one that you want to know more about so that it makes the research interesting. Learn about their religious beliefs and the events that they celebrate. Study their music and language. These are all great topics to think about when it comes to their culture. What is their rite of passage for boys and how does it differ from yours?

  • Learn about your culture
  • Take a closer look into your heritage and where your family came from. Speak to your elders about how life was in the old country if you can. It will be an interesting paper and it will tell you a little more about yourself and your family. Look into some of the traditions that your family celebrates. How did you start these traditions? When did they start? Why did your family choose these traditions over other ones?

There are a lot of directions that you can go with this essay. You should brainstorm ideas by jotting them down on a piece of paper. Try to create a short outline for several of your ideas. The one that you feel you can create a more comprehensive outline for should be the one that you choose.