A List Of 15 Fresh College Essay Topics Related To Business Studies

Academic subjects are increasing by the day, primarily because there is so much to know that no single discipline can incorporate all. Business studies are one such subject that most students pursue when they have chosen their field in the plus 2 level or wish to specialize in after their graduation or post graduation. When it comes to money management, running a business and the like, studying this subject becomes essential. However, commerce background students can learn it even when they have no special interest in moving towards the business line.

Determining topics for dissertation

It’s a formative stage where pupils must strengthen their existing base of knowledge. Searching for good ideas will only help them build their concept around the topic. Sharing my personal experience, even I was assigned a thesis work on this subject during my college days. I resorted to various resources, one of them being this website. I’ve found this site and it helped me get acquainted with numerous topics, making the selection process simpler.

Finding the most appropriate topic

As stressed earlier, there is an array of topic that you can choose from when it comes to business studies. Most center on practical problems and require sufficient research work. Aside helping you score good marks in your dissertation work, these topics actually enrich your understanding of the subject matter. Pay special attention when choosing a topic as that can either make or break your entire essay.

List of 15 topics for college essays on business studies

Here’s taking a look at 15 such topics that can aid in the selection process:

  • Word of mouth: A never say die marketing form
  • Can business leadership be learnt?
  • Relevance of strong presence in home countries for MNCs
  • Companies and their need to hire employees by offering them better value in jobs
  • Product oriented businesses attain success more than market oriented counterparts
  • Global standardization vs. local customization: The better choice
  • Management by walking around (MBWA): Employees’ stress or boost in productivity
  • Businesses need to invest in social media campaigns and digital marketing for better output
  • Ethical aspects in relation to exploitation of labors on companies
  • Loss of competitive advantage for companies testing products on animals
  • Business Studies: Meant for the intelligent as well as hard working masses
  • Social media platforms: The new age of branding
  • Monetary incentives vs. Fringe benefits and rewards: What motivates more to work
  • Labor turnover not a good representative of company loyalty
  • Mergers or acquisitions: Which is better?