A Collection Of Persuasive Research Essay Topics

When it concerns writing a persuasive research essay, it is necessary to make use of good reasons as well as evidence in order to easily persuade others to agree with your perspective on a certain idea or subject matter. In addition to this, of course, as always it is pivotal to pick a great topic to discuss. Take in mind that it is very essential to administer a vast and efficient research so you can obtain facts and useful evidence that shall be used later on to back up your ideas or arguments.

In the same way, as you start the process of doing research, it matters to ask yourself the evidence, statistics, facts that audience would prefer to see, the type of data that you would require to use so you can persuade someone that you are right and if there are any experts on the subject matter that you could quote in your writing piece.

Always be guided that the responses to the questions you have considered would considerably aid you figure out what key words that you will prefer to employ, as you start the process of looking for sources to use. Likewise, also consider how distinct this is from the usual research paper. Be reminded that it is fundamental to take into account that a persuasive research essay does not merely report data but this also aims to use that data to prove a point or effectively come up with an argument.

Here is a collection of persuasive research essay topics you can go for:

  1. All universities should administer bullying awareness programs
  2. Do various forms of social media at present merely create isolation?
  3. Free speech should have limitations.
  4. Should childhood immunizations be mandatory?
  5. Should the minimum wage be increased?
  6. Should immigration laws be reformed?
  7. Recycling should be mandatory for all people.
  8. Should a college education be free for all?
  9. Do security cameras invade people’s privacy?
  10. Should students be required to take foreign languages?
  11. Is it all right for minors to get tattoos provided that they have parental permission?
  12. Gun ownership should be stringently controlled.
  13. Should marijuana be considered legal if used for medicinal purposes?
  14. Medical testing conducted on animals is immoral.
  15. Should the death penalty be used to execute violent and vicious criminals?
  16. Letter grades should be replaced with fail or pass.
  17. Should college athletes be compensated for playing for their university?
  18. There should only be one world currency.
  19. Should college students have to wear uniforms?
  20. Safety is more valuable than privacy.