A Complete Guide On How To Write An Essay In 25 Mins

If you have got a short test coming up and the need to write essays, faster and more efficiently there are a few things you have to remember to achieve your time target. Although it may seem impossible to do at this stage as long as you stick to a structured plan and follow simple steps you’ll find it a breeze.

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Before you start the essay paper take a quick 5 or 10 minutes to plan a quick layout structure, this may seem like a risky move but it will prevent you from making any mistakes while writing and having to re-correct. You also want to make sure you carefully read and fully understand the question saving you more time if you were to misread accidentally and make any further mistakes; you can then brainstorm ideas for the structure of your essay while still planning.

Top 3 Tips for Planning

  1. Design quick layout structure
  2. Read the question carefully
  3. Quick brainstorm for ideas


The intro is the most important part of your essay because it’s the first thing the reader will read so you want to make sure it grabs the reader’s attention and is interesting. You want to pick an opening line that’s thought to provoke and will engage the reader to want to read on if it’s missing that they will lose interest and not want to continue reading.

Essay body

Depending on what your essay is about and how many words it has to contain you want to aim for anywhere between 2-4 body paragraphs, they will be consisting of further points relating to your main point, so you want to focus on what all your other points are. Spend only a couple mins on each paragraph, so you have time to check back and re-read at the end.


For the conclusion, you want to summarize the whole essay is making your point and view clear for the reader, stick to re-emphasizing points rather than introducing new ones to avoid confusion.

To be successful in writing an essay in 25 minutes you have to have a solid plan and structure while also following a strict time rule of a couple of mins for each section, this will allow you time at the end to go back over the whole essay and proofread. For more information on how to write an essay in 25 minutes you can find here.