How To Choose Great College Exploratory Essay Topics

Have you been set an exploratory essay? Do you not have a clue where to begin? Do you not know what topic to choose, when there are so many choices available to you? Well set aside your worries- with a little time, attention and hard work, you are bound to select a marvelous subject that is just right for you to create a masterpiece of an exploratory essay!

So what is this sort of paper then?

An exploratory essay discusses a subject from all debated angles. You should include your personal view on the subject at hand, but you shouldn’t argue your own opinions. This type of paper simply explores an argument. For example, a subject and the questions it could raise could be: Emotionally and psychologically, are children worse off when their parents divorce? Can general assumptions be made? What is the contrary evidence? Does it always depend on the specific case? What effect does this have on society?

Find some examples.

The best way of choosing a great exploratory paper topic is to have a look at what other students have written in the past. There are plenty of examples of past essays to be found in campus libraries, as well as on the internet.

Have a browse through to see what subjects are chosen and how they are handled. Make sure you look at highly marked papers so you can ascertain you are studying the best examples out there!

What to choose.

You should choose a topic that you are passionate about and that you are already quite knowledgeable in. The reader of your essay will engage with it more if it is a subject that is close to your heart.

Be unique!

Once you have chosen a broad subject to explore, narrow it down to a specific point and ask fresh questions about it. You want to pick something that is able to be researched to a large extent -the more sources you look at and/or include the better- but also something that you can present and question in an innovative manner. Something interesting and different is always a sure bet if performed well. Popular subjects fare well also, but only when coming from a unique angle.

Ask for assistance!

Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher! If you have been struggling with the exact nature of your paper, or its specific title, your tutor should be able to help.