A List Of Interesting Narrative Essay Topics About Unfair Punishment

Okay, so a narrative essay generally speaking is quite a personal essay to write. It is usually a first-person, intimate account of the writer’s experiences. Or, the telling of the experiences of someone very close to the writer. Therefore, you need to consider the issue of unfair punishment either from:

  • Your viewpoint
  • The viewpoint of someone close to you – ideally, you will have witnessed first-hand the penalty or “consequence” being meted out.

Because of the personal nature of the essay, it is understandable if you are feeling maybe a little squeamish at the thought of having to come up with a viable essay topic. Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to provide you with a list of interesting narrative essay topics about unjust punishment. You don’t have to follow this list verbatim and you are of course perfectly free to come up with some topics of your own, or mix these up to fit your personal needs. The key here is to keep things interesting:

  • Describe an instance when you have challenged someone who has been giving an unfair punishment either to yourself or if you have witnessed someone receiving an unjust punishment.
  • Can punishments within the justice system ever be deemed unfair? Do you have first-hand experience of this? What measures can be put in place to rectify this?
  • Can you describe how you have consoled someone after they have been handed an unfair penalty? Was it your place to do so?
  • How does it feel to be on the receiving end of an unfair penalty? Give a first-hand account of an occasion when you have found yourself in this situation.
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you have knowingly meted out an unfair penalty or have you thought about the scenario and realized that your actions were unfair after the event?
  • What constitutes an unjust penalty?
  • Can you describe any occasions where karma has come back to bite the person handing this out?
  • Do different sections of society have differing beliefs as to what constitutes a fair penalty as opposed to an unjustifiable one?
  • Punitive punishments within the educational system. Should teachers really have the power to discipline their class the way they see fit?
  • Can you describe a situation where you have successfully appealed against this kind of scenario?