Picking Up Essay Topics About Women's Issues: 13 Ideas To Consider

If you need to compose a paper about women’s issues, you may find out that many topics in this sphere have already been overly explored. That’s why, you need to either create independently or find interesting topic ideas that will make your essay stand out.

What Are Women’s Issues?

Actually, the women’s issues have not changed significantly over the past century. If you study works of researchers that date back to, say, the 1950s or even earlier, you will see the same shape of things. It means that even with a vast number of problems that are classified as women’s issues you can have quite a limited choice.

So, if you want to find something fresh and interesting, do some small research. Go to a library and browse through reliable reference materials that you can find there. The more sources you can find on a certain problem, the more attention this problem has already received. Choose something that has not yet become a banal popular concern. However, make sure that you have at least three reliable information sources that you can use in your essay.

Where to Search for Topic Ideas?

A good essay topic is something that you really like. If you are in the process of exploring the general area of researching, you can notice that some aspects make you feel more interested than the other ones. Choose something that catches you, that inspires you. If you are interested in the things you are exploring, you will compose a really deep research that will be interesting for your readers.

Below, you can find several topic ideas that may give you the inspiration.

  1. The problem of female alcoholism and drug addiction.
  2. The existing wage gap between women and men and its continuing growth.
  3. The problem of street and domestic violence against women; workplace harassment.
  4. The violation of women’s reproductive rights and abortion issues.
  5. The problem of the existing inappropriate child and infant care.
  6. The problem of the existing inadequate care about pregnant women.
  7. The lack of sexual education at school and teenage pregnancies as a result.
  8. The violence practiced against female prisoners.
  9. Women as the most common subject of human trafficking and sex slavery.
  10. The difficulties and obstacles a woman meets when trying to build a political career.
  11. The real chances of becoming a chief of a big corporation for a woman.
  12. The lack of customized health insurance that involves specific female health disorders.
  13. The need of ratification of the international bill of rights for women in the USA.