I Want To Know How To Write My Essay In A Proper Way

First, pick your topic. Figure out what you need to learn about that topic, and use that to direct your research.

  • When you are conducting research, look for sources that most apply to your topic. Look for sources that answer the questions you have about your topic. It is important to take notes while you research. If you find a journal article online, print it out, email it to yourself, or both. If you find a print copy, photocopy the relevant pages, but make sure you write down all of the bibliographic information at the top of the page. This is important because you might photocopy three pages from the middle of a journal or book, but forget about the cover page with the bibliographic information. If you write it down as you are photocopying the content, you can make your life a lot easier.
  • Draft an outline. The outline is important. Many students forget just how important it is. If you want to write an excellent paper, you need an excellent outline. The outline is where you play around with the order of your arguments. It is where you test different orders to find out which way you want to present your argument. For example: you might want to present your arguments in order from strongest to weakest, or vice versa. You might want to introduce them by category, or chronologically. If you take notes on different colored note cards, you can tangibly play around with the order of the arguments until you find one that feels right. Once you have your outline it is time to start writing.
  • From the outline, you can begin working on your first draft. The first draft is an important step as well. Many students might have an outline completed, but they still feel ill prepared to write the actual paper. This is common, but the antidote is to simply start writing. It is important to note that no first draft will be perfect. You call it a draft for a reason. But if you do not write anything down, you won’t have anything to edit.
  • As you are editing the content you write, or going through a different draft, never delete anything. If you want to remove something from your draft, put it on a separate page. You never know when you might want to return to it at a later date.